A Ritual for Mabon – after the ramble of course!

This fabulous blog A Ritual for Mabon – after the ramble of course! has been written by one of our amazing Artisan’s Rachel!  This blog is an articulate and open account of not only the Ritual of Mabon but how Rachel a Lupus warrior is preparing for Samhain, the Celtic New Year, the time for The Druid’s Trials. I think you will agree this is really insightful and it is beautifully written, thank you or sharing it with us Rachel.

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Happy Tuesday!

I am feeling so good this week and I think I know why!

Sunday night I met with a group of like-minded individuals and we held our regular Sabbat ritual. It was my first time back since Samhain 2016! I really struggle to understand why, but it was so needed.


I find that I am drawn to Mabon and look forward to it every year as it signifies the time of year where I can venture out into the sun, which due to my Lupus I can’t do in the summer. Mabon means the start of darker nights, we have reached the autumn equinox and the cold is coming, crops are being harvested and, in times gone by, we would pray to the goddess to allow our bounty of fruits and vegetables to last us through the cold months, for spring to be on time and for next year’s harvest to be plentiful. We would prepare straw dolls for spring and keep them by the hearth for luck and safe passage through Samhain, Yule and on to Imbolc. We would start using turf to keep us warm and the family would make up for the time spent out on the fields or travelling through the warmer months. That is why I love this time of year.

I am now preparing for Samhain the Celtic New Year, the time for The Druid’s Trials, would there be any new Druids emerge from beneath the piles of burning ancestors? Would they return with new trainees, recruited from various locations along their journeys? Would there be new stories to hear around the fire? Would we all be safe as the veil starts thinning in preparation for the shared existence, that seems only possible at this strange and mysterious time of year? There are so many questions and they culminate in an excitement that is beyond our modern understanding.

I feel The Morrigan at this time of year, I hear her call and I try my best to respond, but how is another question that haunts me. Well on Sunday I finally discovered what she was calling me for and it was beautiful.

As usual we met at the gate, cars parked up and a friend who has grown so very dear to me, nagging me about my lack of coat. I give in and grab my coat from the car and after a brief chat, we make our way to the entrance to the woodland we all have come to know so well.


As is dictated by the ancestors, we entered the woodland in silence and made our way into the belly of the Goddess. We arranged small jars containing tealights into a circle and we gathered. The crows had finally stopped their joyous cacophony, which brought that feeling of being called again. There was silence, only a brief moment, but there was silence. We called the quarters and each of us talked about what Mabon and Autumn mean to us personally, it was truly beautiful, it was prayer, it was worship, it was safe. We, each in turn listened as words tumbled out of our mouths and we spoke things that even we may not have known were there waiting to come out.

As a norm, I don’t get involved in rituals, I like to attend and I like to observe, but I do not like to participate verbally, this time was different. I found myself talking without even realising it and I am still not 100% certain of what I said, but I know I needed to remove it. It was like the cleansing we all received before the quarters were called.

Of course, we jumped the fire, we listened to poems written only for our ears – at least that is how it felt. We danced and we sang and we clapped in time with the drums. This was the most magical experience I have ever had, I let myself go. I allowed myself to accept those around me and I found myself agreeing with what was said.


It was magickal

It was magickal. You need the k in that word especially now because the k signifies the ancient force that encompassed us within that exact woods at that exact moment in time.

Then we feasted in the warmth of a home that has been years in the making, a home that is filled with such a vibrant, yet relaxed and carefree energy and it slowly dawned on me that this was what I was being called for, this was why The Morrigan had been on my mind constantly for the past several months, she wanted me to venture back where I had been and this time she wanted me to do it properly, to commit my whole self, which although I thought I had, I had not. I am now at ease.


Posted by Rachel Minns on September 25, 2018

Pictures are all sourced from Pixabay

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