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The founder Chrissie Lowery launched her very first business and wished to sell her handmade products on several selling platforms. Heartizan was an idea formed after being rejected to sell on a well known marketplace.  Chrissie went on to create a networking community that brought together amazing businesses that joined her on the Heartizan journey.

She has an incredible team behind her who work tirelessly to help each and every shop owner.

In all our shops within our marketplace you can find unique and handmade items that are created by a crafter that has their own special  story too. Here at Heartizan we support each and every shop owner, helping everyone to make the magic happen.

Welcome to the magical world of Heartizan, a beautiful place where you can purchase the most special and amazing handmade gifts and items for your home.


The talented Artisans behind your handmade gifts


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