The Artisan Toolbox Challenge

The Artisan Toolbox Challenge really pushes our fabulous Artisans out of their comfort zone and this months winner is Coffee Monkey!

The very lovely Erica won this months challenge after she really stepped up, became accountable and smashed each daily task that was set! We had some amazing results from everyone that participated in the challenge and the feedback was fabulous!

Coffee Monkey

Coffee monkey is the monkey on your back urging you to have that first cup of delicious coffee first thing in the morning!

The story of Coffee Monkey
So coffee monkey started in February this year. I was sat drinking my morning coffee and watching my son play with his toys and the idea came about. ‘Why don’t I make beautiful mugs for people to enjoy their morning coffee in?’ I spoke to my husband who thought it was a great idea as I have always been a bit creative and love designing new things.
So I started by designing my hand wash only range. I had a lovely woman who helped me with the designs and getting them to me. But I decided that my main bug bear is hand washing (I’m lazy lol) so I wanted to make a dishwasher safe range. Again I sat down with my hubby and told him my ideas and he thought this was the best way forward for my company. So we ordered all the equipment.
This was by far the most exciting and frustrating part so far. My first heat press didn’t work so I had to send it back and buy myself a newer better one. Safe to say that arrived and it works like a dream and I actually love it.
So I then sat down and came up with a few ranges to design and develop. (more are coming soon). And I have loved doing these for you. I recently did my very first fair and it was a massive hit.
The best bit about this business is meeting all my lovely customers and speaking to you about your mugs and knowing that you are happy with them when you receive them. I also love coming up with new ideas for you all (I have an amazing new product to unveil soon in time for Halloween).
The Artisan Toolbox Challenge will be set every month for all of the our artisans that our in our closed group and the winner will be on our collection section of our home page! If you would like to join the Artisans please click here!



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