Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




What happens after I register my shop?

You will receive an email (please check your spam) with instruction on how to create a password, you can then log in with your username on the homepage log in Please join The Heartizan Help Group (the link will be in your welcome email). 

 You  will find lots of information on setting up your shop within the group, with videos and PDFs. Initially your listings will be need to approved until you are ready to be made a self publisher. You will find team members in the group to help you.


How will I get paid for my sales?

You will receive your money though PayPal, if you do not have a Paypal account (we recommend that you do have one) we can send our money via BACS. Generally it is the same day, please make sure we have your PayPal address if it is not the one you used to register for your shop.


How do customers pay?

Customers can pay via Paypal or Stripe?


Can a customer leave me a note?  

Yes you can do this via the main text of your listing, you can also enter a mailto link (your email) in the short description or enter a contact form.


How many images can I upload?

You can upload one photo as your featured image which will be the seen with your listing on the Marketplace and you can upload lots more to the gallery, this will be seen on your listing too once the customer clicks through.


What sizes are the image for my shop?

For best results, upload a square logo.
Max. File Size: 500kb
Min. Dimensions (W x H):300px x 300px

Use an online image compression service such as TinyPNG, to compress your images into a lower file size.

Max. File Size: 1mb (1000kb)
Min. Dimensions (W x H):1200px x 400px

Use an online image compression service such as TinyPNG, to compress your images into a lower file size.

Link to an external resource, such as Vimeo or Youtube.


Can I download the CSV file from Etsy to import to my Heartizan shop?

Yes this is an option and we have a dedicated Madmin to help with this. Please note not everything will transfer from your Etsy shop, the images do not transfer over.


Can I sell patterns, downloads or files?

Yes on your listing there is a function where you can download files and digital files, please ask your Madmin for help with these.


What can I sell on the Marketplace?

Our Marketplace is for the sale of handmade/handcratfed goods only, please ask your Madmin if you need any clarification. We have a strict no copyright rule, if you have the rights to sell any music (copyright), images or patterns (design infringement) then please state this clearly on your listing.


Is there a contract or can I cancel at anytime?

There is no contract and you can cancel at any time, please inform your madmin and we will delete your shop. There are no cancellation fees. Please also read our .Sellers Terms & Conditions


When will my listing be approved?

We have to approve listings due to the high volume of vendors not entering their shipping costs and customers cannot purchase them without it. Your listing will get approved with 2 working days (generally quicker) if there are no issues,  such as no image or no shippin

Can I sell on Heartizan if I do not live in the UK?

Yes we have international sellers, please make sure your lead times are entered on your listings.


How do I know when I have sold an item?

You will be notified by email, this will include your sale and the customers details.


Do you have a Facebook Group?

We have 3 support groups which link to our packages:

The Crafters Display – £8 per month

The Artisan Toolbox – £12 per month and The Imaginarium – £25 – invite only groups 

For more information on our packages please click here

We also have a public group The Heartizan Hub where you can share your makes and network too!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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