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Welcome to Heartizan, our Magical Marketplace, we are the home of handcrafting and we provide the most unique handmade gifts and items for your home.

Nearly five years ago the dream of building Heartizan our magical marketplace seemed a mountain way to high to climb and not achievable but here we are and the marketplace has been launched! The founder who has built up a fabulous crafting community has a wonderful team by her side, knew how hard it is for crafters to get their amazing items seen and available to the public. Most handmade small business have a Facebook Page but it is hard reaching the right people and connecting with customers. Our Heartizan Madmin Team is a group of incredible ladies that are crafters too who understand the journey, pressures and challenges that come our way. You can meet us all by clicking here!

Many crafters have chronic illnesses, disabilities or young children at home, making work virtually impossible but they want to earn money and contribute to society in some way. Most crafters have hidden talents or teach themselves a skill, they start selling their creations to family and friends and then they set up a Facebook Page. Some have sales through well known selling platforms however this can be a struggle and there seems to be a lack of support.

Heartizan  Magical Marketplace is committed to supporting every crafter that sells with us and we will always be available to each and every one, we are growing a family and our community is very important to us. We have some Facebook groups which any handmade business can join and if you click the links below you will be approved to join us.

The Crafters Display

The Artisan Toolbox

So we have now opened our virtual doors and we welcome any feedback or questions that you may have! You can contact us in many ways, here is our contact link and we have our email address, phone number (found on our home page) and you can also message us on our Facebook Page.

We would love for you to support small businesses and browse through our shops where you find the perfect gift, present, keepsake and item for your home that is handmade with love and created by a real person who is talented, incredibly wonderful and loves to provide you all with an incredible service.

Our story of how we built our dreams is here for you to read and we have this available on our main page of our marketplace. Heartizan was built by crafters for crafters to sell their amazing products to you their wonderful customers.

Thank you for joining us on our journey and we can not wait to grow and become a well known brand!

Here are some of our amazing products. pop over to our home page to buy them and many, many more wonderful gifts! Enjoy our Heartizan Magical Marketplace!


 heartizan magical marketplace heartizan magical marketplace


 heartizan magical marketplace heartizan magical marketplace

 heartizan magical marketplace heartizan magical marketplace

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