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At Heartizan our ethos is to support and empower all creative businesses, we help them step into their power, face their fears and become more confident.

We do this initially through the power of Facebook, we encourage all of our creatives to share their stories, their challenges, their skills, talents and unbelievable resilience.  For our Artisans and Imaginariums we push that even further, we allow a safe space for our creatives to really shine, find their strength, learn about business and above all we understand their challenges as the whole of the amazing Madmin team have experienced what our creatives are trying to achieve.

Balance for Better means so much to me on a personal and business level, i am going to share a little of my story here with you. The majority of this, my teams and my creatives will be published  in September and launched at Kirstie Allsops Handmade Festival 2019.

A little bit about me – Chrissie – The founder of Heartizan



I haven’t had many inspiration women in my life up until I became a Clinical Nurse Specialist. At the age of 30 I was pregnant with my second daughter and I ran a specialist unit for adults with autism. At the time I loved my job but it was incredibly stressful and challenging. I was my a Homeleader of 4 adults who could not be with their families because of where they were on the spectrum. I was my teams internal verifier for NVQ qualifications and I used to have regular meetings with the external verifier. During one of these meetings the verifier stated to me that I was wasted here and I should go to university and train as a mental health nurse.

At the time I did not agree however the more I thought about the more university and retraining appealed to me. 

I had my beautiful daughter a few weeks early after lots of complications and I fell into depression, I had Borderline Post Natal Depression. I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t want anyone to touch her, I cleaned the house obsessively and it was a very difficult time for us. I also lived with an alcoholic who was cheating on me with with his ex wife which I found out when I was 7 months pregnant.

I decided life had to be better than this, I had my fair share of bad luck, bad relationships and hard life lessons from an early age. Life was surely more! That conversation with verifier kept resounding around my head and I applied for university. I did not go back to work and when my daughter was 6 months old I started my university course in Birmingham. I live in beautiful Gloucestershire and commuting there everyday was quite a challenge in itself. 

I graduated with honours and recommendations from the principle and my life changed for the better. I still had challenges and hardships to face in the future but I was truly happy. 

Since becoming a creative I have met so many inspiration women and I am so very proud to have brought together a team that we call our Heartizan family. They are incredible people, we have an amazing male Madmin and over 25 women which is growing all the time. I continue to be inspired by my team, they drive me along with my own goals and plans for the future.

I say this all the time but before we go into our other stories I would like to thank my wonderful team!

Balance for the better, for me is all about getting the right life balance, supporting each other and helping as many people as you can without hurting yourself in the process.  Mentally, physically and spiritually, we all have the strength to empower each other. 

I asked my Creatives to tell me about the women who inspired them throughout their lives.

Amy’s Story

My mum inspires and helps me through each day she is an amazing woman. she was given 6months to live wen she was born she has had arthritis since she was 6yrs old but she never gave up she kept fighting she became a chef . She lost her dad when she was 20. met dad had my brother rescue fostered for 8yrs then adopted my sister an other brother. My dads parents and my mum’s got ill she looked after both sets of parents while finding out she was 6 months pregnant with me. Mums mum moved in with us Dad lost his mum. but mum continued to work and look after them her mum became blind had Alzheimer’s but she kept going. After all parents died she took after the over 50s club that both Nan founded and she retired then got bored and set up her own catering business she is now 70 still running a business taking care of Dad and helping hubby with me and little one. She continues to help push me forward every day and still runs her club and a monthly bingo for charity. She is truly amazing I am so lucky and if i can be half the woman she is then i will amazing.

Please take a look at Amy’s beautiful shop, where she creates the most beautiful handmade itemsRainbow Poochy

Sue’s Story

My big sister is amazing, she has been a Rhumatoid Arthritis warrior for all her adult life. She has had nearly all her joints either fused, resurfaced or replaced (only her hips are hers!).
Yet despite all the pain she is often in she still makes herself live a full and active, as she can, life! Even though now we’re in our 60s. ☺️
She’s been a great support to our jewellery venture over the past 5 or more years, including funding our first kiln, commissioning pieces, helping at fairs, constantly sharing our items on social media and now helping with our Heartizan Shop listings. We think she’s wonderful and we love her to bits! ?

Please take a look at Sue’s beautiful shop, where she creates the most beautiful handmade items – Earthgems

Vicki’s Story

This took ages to write and I’ve just posted it in The Imaginarium too. It comes from the heart and I’ve never shared all this before – gulp! I’m now trying to build up the courage to publish it on my own website. Here goes: What better way to celebrate 3 amazing women in my life than on International Women’s Day.

Firstly my mum: At the age of 55 my mum was deeply into her crafts, having enrolled on floristry and cake decorating courses, learning about sugar craft and she was really excited. Then she was diagnosed with what we hoped was Carpel Tunnel but was in fact Parkinson’s Disease. It was a complete shock for us all, but my mum has from then until now, some 10 years later, never let it stop her from doing what she enjoys. She turns her hand to all kinds of crafts, baking, cake decorating, card making, knitting, crochet, random projects she has seen on Facebook, you name it she will try it, sometimes to our amusement. I still laugh at the rather large snowman she made out of plastic cups! It was like an episode of Blue Peter! She is strong and will do anything for us girls. My mum is my Inspiration!

Secondly my youngest sister. As a family, we were all very excited about the new identical twin boys who were about to come into the world. My own daughter, my first child had been born 5 months before. I still remember the call I got off my mum whilst I was on my way to work that April. She told me my sister had gone into labour. She was early, not due for another month. I assured my mum it would be okay, to be told but it’s not okay, she lost one of the babies. I lost a nephew that day, but my sister lost her son. We were all devastated, shocked, but we got through it and my sister was so brave. I can’t begin to imagine how she felt that day losing a child. Adam is never forgotten and is spoken about often. His Twin turns 16 this April and he also has a 13 year old younger brother. They are wonderful lads, hard working and kind. My sister is my Inspiration!

Finally, my middle sister. She was the first to have a baby – he is now 17 and is taller than me by far. He has faced struggles, found it hard to make friends and has dyslexia. Despite his struggles he passed his exams, enough to get him onto his Art course at College. He is the most wonderful young man and dotes on his younger siblings. Then there is my niece who was diagnosed with Aspergers and again struggles with day to day emotions and feelings. She has good days, bad days and very bad days. Then there is my youngest nephew who has Autism, attends a special needs school and is classed as non verbal. I say classed as non verbal, but every day he finds new ways to communicate, whether that is using Makaton signing or chattering away and communicating with us in his own ways. He loves to sing and knows all the words to all the songs in The Greatest Showman. This is Me reduces us to tears! These kids are achieving so much because of one person, their mum, my sister. She is also my Inspiration.

So, it is no wonder that with these 3 inspirational women by my side, that when I had cause to be strong and leave a 17 year relationship when it turned mentally and emotionally abusive, I knew I could do it! I am now a single mum, with 2 gorgeous kids, working full time and running a business.

This International Women’s Day, I salute all women out there. I am now my kids inspiration!

Please take a look at Vicki’s beautiful shop, where she creates the most beautiful handmade items – Creations – Where Ideas Come Alive

Samantha’s Story

The woman who is an inspiration to me is my mum.

She is not only an inspiration to me but also my daughter.
She has overcome so many of life’s challenges.

She deals with post polio, overcome cancer twice, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, knee replacement and other things too but it never stops her, she has shown me anything is possible if you fight and believe.

When I was little she used to run her own knitting business too, she’s worked at a shoe factory, she’s done teaching. All the time raising 2 daughters while my dad was in the army. She is so strong, brave, amazing, wonderful and is the biggest supporter of Knit Sew Crafty.

She is my family’s rock and I don’t say it often enough but we all love you.

Please take a look at Samantha’s beautiful shop, where she creates the most beautiful handmade items – Knit Sew Crafty

Bernie’s Story

My own daughters inspire me.. every day..

I am very lucky to have 2 beautiful girls. And they have both faced many challenges in their young lives.

My eldest daughter has overcome so so many life challenges and strives and pushes hard every single day to achieve her goals through her 2 online businesses and is achieving some small but fantastic results.
My youngest is just crazy and no matter what she is faced with she always manages to put a smile on every ones face..

They both have both been such a support to me through my illness and through their dads recent illness.
They make me very proud to be their mum.
They both inspire me and always make me smile and I love them very much ?

Please take a look at Bernie’s beautiful shop, where she creates the most beautiful handmade items – Unique Handcrafted Chic

Emma’s Story

My daughter is my inspiration, she keeps me going. I think my illnesses as just as hard for her as they are for me. She used to have a mum who could do everything with her and now she has a mum who she has to check something wont hurt me before she asks if we can do something. As a 12 year old she shouldnt have to do that. Im very lucky to have her.

Please take a look at Emma’s beautiful shop, where she creates the most beautiful handmade items – Ems Paper Love

Jules’ Story

Jules White is an incredibly strong woman, who is an inspiration to us all at Heartizan. Not only is she gorgeous, an amazing sales coach and a truly kind soul she has been though some really tough and challenging times. She made choices, took risks, made big decisions and wanted so much more! Jules you are my inspiration on International Women’s Day!

Thank you for everything you have done for me personally as well as being an amazing sales coach.

Please check out Live it, Love it, Sell it!

Jules is also a Tedx Speaker, please watch this incredible talk!

There is NO such word as Can’t!

Thank you for reading this blog, I hope it inspires you and that you celebrate yourselves on International Women’s Day!

Rise from the ashes like a phoenix, everything happens for a reason – Heartizan Creatives – we have got you!



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