Kirstie Allsopp and The Heartizan Way

Kirstie Allsopp and The Heartizan Way was a fabulous experience and it was the grand finale of a lot of planning! The Heartizan Team worked very hard to make it fun as well as profitable too!

Planning to Perfection

Meeting Kirstie was planned from the day we booked our stand at The Handmade Festival, we love how Kirstie supports small businesses and our aim was to show her the magic of Heartizan. We booked six months in advance and we paid for a huge stand, the biggest we could find and at the same time we wrote a book ready to launch there too!

We had lots of Zoom planning meetings which allowed everyone to join the meetings no matter where they live! We discussed everything from concept to completion and the Heartizan team worked hard to make the most out of our stand.

We planned for our creatives to sell their gorgeous handmade items, have an advert in our brochure, be part of our directory, goodie bags and to even attend the festival to visit or to work on the stand.


Kirstie Allsopp and The Heartizan Way


Publishing the book – Kirstie Allsopp and The Heartizan Way

This was the most stressful part of the whole thing! Getting a book written, edited, produced and published in time was not easy but we learned so much!   I started the book in May with the help of Dolly who owns the fabulous business DollyRocker, she helped with creative stories, planning and accountability! After the book manuscript was finished it then was produced into a final draft which was uploaded onto Amazon, this was so exciting!

The last part was waiting for them to arrive, which they did and just one day before the festival too, so we definitely cut it fine!

Buy a copy of the book here – The Heartizan Way

Kirstie Allsopp and The Heartizan Way

Building up and Breaking down!

I think these terms are quite funny, especially the breaking down part as it really captures the emotional and physical aspects too!

Building up was a lot of hard work but Trina, Amy and I managed to set the tables and make the stand look absolutely gorgeous! It was a big task but after we had done what we needed to do, we headed off to our hotel.

Words now fail me, the worst part of the festival was booking into the hotel of nightmares! Both Amy and I were shocked to the core and our fabulous Trina sorted the mess out for us! I can’t even begin to describe just how disgusting our rooms were!

We found a super pub instead and both Amy and I settled in ready for the big day.


The very lovely Betty who was my contact for my stand (she is the sales executive) let me know that Kirstie would visit us either Friday or Saturday and it was on her itinerary. However she also let us know she is her own person so even though she could add it, we would have to wait and see!

Betty visited us on Friday and she was confident that she would come and see us! I didn’t know which day so on the Friday I didn’t leave the stand, as I didn’t want to miss her! Friday was a lot of fun and great for the creatives who smashed their sales but it was a no show for Kirstie.

Saturday was crazy, we had so many people visiting and buying from us and we also had the cake to launch Build Your Creative Business The Heartizan Way book.

We spotted Kirstie in our shopping village and we got ourselves ready! The stand was so busy and we had customers and Madmins everywhere, Saturday was our busiest day and we made lots of sales! We waited patiently watching Kirstie talking with business owners, Chrissie was getting quite nervous at this point as her fibro fog was showing an appearance and we got our phones and cameras ready!

Kirstie visited and spent time discussing Heartizan, our stories and our book, it was all filmed on a live stream by our wonderful Newsie News and we had lots of opportunities to take photos too. It was a very surreal experience but it was fabulous and Kirstie was so down to earth and gorgeous!


Kirstie Allsopp and The Heartizan Way

Whats next for Heartizan?

We have been asked to exhibit at The Handmade Festival next year, which is something we are thinking over and we also had some exciting opportunities that have come out of it too! We met lots of amazing creatives and I was asked to do some speaking events and to sell on TV! Heartizan has such an incredible team behind the marketplace and we are destined for amazing things!


Kirstie Allsopp and The Heartizan Way

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