Our Heartizan Love Stories

Our Heartizan love stories is a collection of stories put together during a  challenge in one of our groups The Artisan Tool
box. During this challenge our amazing Artisans had to carry out a task each day for a week, this was to get us all thinking about love and Valentines Day.


I am Chrissie the founder of Heartizan and my Heartizan love story is all about us! I am single so I don’t really do anything on February 14th, however I will be celebrating my children, my friends and my Heartizan family. I called my team “Madmins” for a little bit of fun, we are all a happy crazy with huge big hearts and we love to support and help other crafters. Over the last few years we have built up an incredible team and  we now have the strongest and most giving Madmins that we have ever had.  I love each and every one and I am forever grateful for the support and faith that they have in me. My part of the Heartizan love stories collection is very humbling for me and even though I tell my Madmins how much they mean to me and how damn lucky I am to have them, words just can not describe how thankful I am.

So enough of about me here is the collection:

Steph the owner of Baby and The Owl

I met Chris in 2007 and fell head over heels in love, we married in June the next year! Ruudi took a long and heartbreaking 5 years to come along, but he will always be our miracle baby.
Before Ruudi I was starting to feel unwell, dizzy, migraines, I had a few small strokes but I was okay, I carried on working, even though at times I didn’t want too!
Through my pregnancy and a few years after, I felt well. I had no problems with my health! (touch wood) Fast forward to 2017 I felt achey and tired all the time, I woke up one morning unable to move my hands, that’s where it all started, and I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Inflammatory Arthritis and Joint Hypermobility. I burst into tears! 😢 And that’s all I did. I couldn’t work, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t walk. 😔 But i am loads better. My mum helps me no end, and is always there for me when I need her!

I am under three different consultants for my ouchies, and even though I have bad days I also have good!
Baby & The Owl comes from our little miracle! And I wanted to (on good days) make something beautiful for people’s homes. And try my very hardest to support my family too!
And I just love what I do!
My husband and little one give me love and joy every day!
And also my Heartizan family. Where would I be without them! They push me, support me, and care for me! And I’m so very grateful that I found them! ❤️

Our Heartizan Love StoriesOur Heartizan love storiesOur Heartizan love storiesOur Heartizan love stories

This is a some of Steph’s amazing handmade hoops, you can buy them here!

Dale from Pick n Mix Gifts

I started my business when I was only 17 years old and since then have kept growing my business. I started out making sweet cones and Sweet trees for parties but since then expended to have my own sweet cart and Krispy Kreme cart and also offer homemade cakes.
In October 2017 I started making handmade chocolates, I started with 1 flavour of truffle and have since grown my range of chocolates to include 15 different flavour truffles and a range of other chocolate gifts and treats. Even starting my one subscription box in January 2019.

I started my business as I have always had a flare for working for myself and I am very motivated to do well. I was also a DJ from the age of 13, which I gave up a few years ago when my business got busier.
I was bullied most of my school life and left school and sixth form with very little confidence and low self esteem. But by running my own business I have become more confident and since finding Heartizan my confidence and grown even more. I am also very determined to do well and if someone tells me that I can’t do it, it makes me want it even more and work even harder to achieve it.

Our Heartizan Love Stories   3D Solid Belgian Chocolate Skulls

This is some of Dale’s delicious handmade chocolate, you can buy them here!

Jane from May Contain Sparkle

Hi everyone I am Jane and I create gifts which make you smile through my business May Contain Sparkle.

I have always loved colour and being creative in my own home. Infact I come from a long line of creative people going back many generations. I personally like to give gifts which are unusual, with a little humour and if it is personalised all the better so I started creating my own.

I started my business in January 2017 as a distraction from being a carer. Being a carer for a family member was extremely hard and distressing which eventually made me poorly. The stress was just too much but making a gift for someone distracted me for a short time. I am nolonger a carer but continued with my business as I just love it and I now have lovely repeat customers.

I feel so lucky to be able to spend my time with gorgeous paint colours, pretty papers and ribbons. Of course I claim not to have an addiction but between you and me I do. I just can’t resist and my “collection” has taken over my home as my husband will definitely agree with.

I currently make plaques, signs, wreaths, frames and lots of other pretty items.

My best part of the day is receiving a review or message from a happy customer, I love it. I pride myself on good customer service as that is the way I would like to be treated.

I am new to Heartizan but I have already been welcomed with open arms.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Jane

Our Heartizan Love StoriesOur Heartizan Love StoriesOur Heartizan Love Stories Our Heartizan Love Stories

This is some of Jane’s beautiful handcrafted work, you can buy them here!

Davina from Indigosky2knit

Hi everyone, I’m Davina and have one hell of a tale! I have always wanted to be a mum, for as long as I can remember, and I knew when that happened I’d not want to be sacrificing time with my children while I went out to a job. I was 31 before I had my first baby, and in the meantime found some satisfaction in care work. A year after marrying my soul mate, we had our first baby. Life had thrown us a curve ball and he found himself out of work as I started maternity leave from the NHS.

We then had a couple of years of struggle while he couldn’t find work and I had another baby. After the 2nd baby was born, and following advice from friends I launched Indigosky2Knit in 2012. At the same time hubby decided to quit looking for work in admin and launched his own graphic design business too. I’d been knitting since I was 7, when my eldest sister had her first baby. When I had my first baby I started writing on a cloth nappy forum, and on there I came into contact with the WAHM (Work at home Mum) world. Seeing that i could use my love for yarn crafts to create a business opened the door to a dream. Initially I didn’t really think or want to make a lot of money from it, i just want to be working. The world of ‘hand made’ and crafting has come a long way with pricing and marketing since, and now I know I can make a great living from doing what I love. In 2015 I started teaching home educated children to knit and crochet, and in 2018 I taught my first adults to crochet. 2019 will see the launch of my online teaching.

Aside from all that I had another baby somewhere along the way, and together with my husband, who’s now a qualified horticultural specialist, we home educate all 3 girls 2019 will also see me qualify in aromatherapy and crystal healing, and a whole new chapter of life will begin 💜

Our Heartizan Love StoriesOur Heartizan Love StoriesOur Heartizan Love Stories Our Heartizan Love Stories

This is some of Davina’s gorgeous handcrafted work, you can buy them here!

Nancye from NancyeArtist

Hi, I’m Nancye and this is my story!

I always loved art as a child and whilst all hell was breaking loose all around me, I found solace in art. My art teacher was an inspiration as she was the only adult that really listened to me. I always wanted to study art but was told by my adult people that it would never earn me a living. So I went into design and moved over to The Netherlands to study a BA in Design. After graduating I went into health care for people with mental illnesses and aimed to combine my art to become an art therapist.

Roll on 2009 and after a traumatic day at work I became suddenly very ill. I started having terrible nightmares every night and found it hard to concentrate and felt exhausted and anxious. When things became to much for me to bare and I didn’t want to go through it anymore I was admitted into hospital on a ward for people with mental illnesses. I stayed there a month whilst they tried to sort out some kind of medication for me. Unable to work I tried to find some sort of hobby to keep me busy whilst I was staying there. I finally found a place where they made art. So I went, feeling anxious but quite quickly picked up my pencils and ended up designing my own pattern. Pretty much where I had left off at college. I was told to do what I wanted, what did I want to make? And so began my journey into all that glitters.

Three years later I was diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of my childhood and the family life I experienced. It turned out I had been suppressing all my memories and feelings until it literally exploded out of me. I entered into a long battle of therapy and learning again how to live, to love, to survive in a possitive way. Meanwhile i continued on my journey of making new art and it started to develop into what it is now.

My art style is now bursting full of colour, is terribly glittery and is made by that little girl within who was denied her childhood and who is now learning every day, to play, have fun, live life and love with her happy little heart.

Our Heartizan Love Stories Our Heartizan Love Stories Hanging Wooden Love Heart
This is some of Nancye’s amazing mixed media art work, you can buy them here!


Vicki from Creations – Where Ideas Come Alive

Growing up I was never really that interested in crafting despite my one nan and my mom both knitting, crocheting and sewing. I was diagnosed with epilepsy from the age of 8 and I was more interested in books than dolls and so became a bookworm reading about Stig of the Dump or the Adventures of Narnia (I still have my original books) or taping the Top 40 on a Sunday!

However, when I started working with 2 ladies at the age of 16, I discovered the world of cross stitch embroidery and they taught me how to get started. Well that is when I became hooked and my crafting journey began with various kits being brought to life, most of which still hang in my parents house!

As time went by I started making cards and years later when I became a mum I used to entertain myself by crafting of an evening when my kids were snugly tucked up in bed.

In 2010 I took a huge decision to end my 17 year relationship with my partner as he had put me through 3 years of mental abuse and one day I just could not take it any more! Shaking as I heard the key turn in the lock, knowing he would have been drinking, I knew this was the day I had to make changes for my own sake and that of my kids!

Adjusting to being a single mum of 2 young children was the toughest things I’ve had to go through. I lost my mojo for crafting as being both mum and dad, doing school runs, shopping, housework, etc I was too tired to craft, I would just curl up on the sofa, staring blankly at the same 4 walls surrounding me night after night. It was then I decided I needed to get back into creating and make better use of those evenings.

I still went into networking groups around social media and saw lots of gorgeous jewellery makes and decided I wanted to try to make my own jewellery. I started by going to the library and getting out books on creating jewellery, I bought a few tools and some beads and findings etc and watched numerous YouTube video tutorials. Soon I was creating gorgeous bracelets. I then started to wear some of the jewellery I had made and I started to feel confident again and realised it was exactly what I had needed. I had found a purpose again. So on 28th December 2013, I launched my business.

As well as beads I also love to work with epoxy resin creating colourful pendants in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I also make gifts such as keyring, bookmarks, bag charms, cufflinks and I’m sure it won’t stop there.

My aim today is to create stunning jewellery to help women feel confident to go out there and be themselves and know that YOU are enough and YOU are strong and no-one can keep YOU down!

Elongated Heart Resin Pendants Our Heartizan Love StoriesOur Heartizan Love StoriesOrange Decorative Heart

This is some of Vicki’s gorgeous handmade jewellery and gifts ideas, you can buy them here!

Erica from Coffee Monkey

I always wanted to be a mum, just a mum so when I got married we started the whole baby making process. One year down the line I was told I couldn’t have children. I spent my days looking after other people’s children and this was a blow I was not expecting. 2 years of going through surgeries and IVF and being admitted to hospital with severe OHSS which nearly killed me we gave up.

We started a court proceeding against the hospital as they treated me appallingly during my stay there. We booked a holiday to turkey, and started to do the things I have always wanted to do. I.E shooting a gun and go karting.

One morning I woke up and went for my morning cig and felt ridiculously sick. I still went to work at my nursery job but I couldn’t focus. The very next morning we got the shock of our lives when the pregnancy test came back positive.

The worrying began. I was told IF I got pregnant it would be ectopic. So many scans and tests later and we found out everything was ok. I had a very healthy baby. Then my pregnancy deteriorated. I had severe SPD and ended up on crutches. I had to leave work at 25 weeks pregnant and vowed never to go back. Fast forward I had a healthy baby boy. A year and a half later I was bored.

I have always wanted to be a stay at home mum but I lost part of me. I wanted to make something. I wracked my brains about what my passions were.

They are coffee and mugs. (I have always had a huge collection of mugs) I needed a company name and logo so while I was drinking my coffee and watching my monkey play Coffee Monkey was born.

Since then my confidence has grown I have found that part of me that I had lost and I have gained lots of new friends along the way. Heartizan has helped my business and myself flourish in the past year and I’m finally going in the direction I want to go. Although I do want another baby 🤦🏻‍♀️ god help me ha ha.

Chaos Fuel Speciality CoffeeCoffee Starter packSomething wonderful positivity mug

This is some of Erica’s amazing coffee, mugs and all things monkey, you can buy them here!

Sharon from Honeysuckle Barn Ltd

Okies so me, I had a fab childhood full of love and my best memory was living on Unst for 2.5yrs which was amazing! I’d always fancied going into travel and be an air hostess (being a Sagittarius it’s in me) so went to college and did travel and tourism course and passed. During this time I met my first husband…….my life changed, I spent more time with him and never followed my dreams. I ended up working in a GP surgery for 13.5 years – I loved every minute, I started at reception and ended up being part of the management team. I learnt so much both personally and business wise there that I still use today and I wouldn’t have changed that. During those years I bought a house, got married and fell pregnant with my first child. Our relationship was greet at first but over time, and after we married in 2010 it was never ‘right’ he was very controlling, spent more money than was coming in and I worried about paying bills etc. When I found out I was pregnant I was at work, I burst into tears. As much as I wanted children, as did he, it wasn’t the right time, our relationship wasn’t in the right place. During my pregnancy he had a ‘friend’ who was a female, he spent more and more time with her on nights out, spending time during the day (when he was supposed to be working – had his own business), she was constantly round ours! I wasn’t happy and it got to the point friends and family started commenting. My gut feeling was something was going to happen, if not already. When Charlie, my eldest was born, he spent the day with her getting things sorted and even turning up to the first visiting time when my parents were there – this hurt, a lot! It was our time as a family. He started not coming home at night, I plodded on for 6 months before enough was enough and I walked out and went to my parents. It was the best thing I did, the relief, I can’t explain! Having my son gave me the strength to do it.
After a few months I met my now husband, Peter, online. He would travel from Lincolnshire most weeks to see me and didn’t bother him I had a small child. After a few months I made another life changing decision, I moved to Lincolnshire from Yorkshire away from friends, family and my support network. It caused a lot of friction between my ex and still does to this day, over four years later! I had my second child, Sophie in Dec 2015, and married 2016. We’ve had a rough few years, having to attend court over Charlie with my ex. Sometimes I wish I had never fallen pregnant with him but it isn’t his fault and I wouldn’t change him for the world, he’s my baby boy and gave me strength to change my life. We now run honeysuckle barn, Peter has always been interested in wood working. It’s a hard slog, two kids, own business, living 100 miles from my family (we have peters family nearby but not the same) and constant worries over what my ex will do next! We are currently going through court proceedings with the CMS as he owes me over £4000! Some days are hard, but the love and support of my children, husband and family get me through it. My confidence has increased, I’m working with some amazing women to help, out networking to keep me sane too!
You may see a happy face but inside it’s not always the case. And yes, my ex got with the woman mentioned about not long after I left!
Think I’ve gone on enough now 😂 So yeah, that’s a brief round up of my life! Not gone into details of some things as don’t want to bore you any more. Watch out cos Honeysuckle Barn is taking off 💪🏻

Single Watch StandPersonalised Luxury Solid Oak Pet BedOur Heartizan Love Stories

This is some of Sharon’s beautiful handcrafted work, you can buy them here! 

Claire from The Shiny Gift Company

I met my husband just after my 18th birthday, he was doing a degree in Design & Technology & I was doing my A levels. I went on to Uni & did my degree in Accounting & Finance got a job after uni & did all of my accounting exams. Just before we got married I changed jobs & went to work at a Premier League Football Club as an Assistant Management Accountant. I always wanted to have kids & two years after we got married I had my first baby. I knew that I didnt want to go back to work after having my children as I wanted to be there with them & Im in fortunate position that we can live on my husbands salary so I handed in my notice & became a full time Mummy.

As much as I love being at home with my children, Im also not a person who can just sit & do nothing. I like to keep busy, Ive always loved crafting & have tried my hand at lots of different things, my favourites being cross stitching & applique as well as handstamping. A couple of years after having my first baby I opened up a little online craft shop selling buttons and charms & swarovski crystals (I still have this little shop on ebay & etsy) but ultimatly I wanted to open a little shop selling things I made. I considered a shop selling cross stitches or applique but as much as I love to sew I cant draw or design things to save my life, so I decided to open my shop making personalised keyrings & jewellery.

I now have three children, two of which are at school & I run my shop around my youngests nap times & when they have gone to bed in the evening. I love the flexibility of being able to be there to take them to school & pick them up each day & to work around being at home with them. My little business is starting to take off now & Im hopefull that in the future it will be able to pay for us to go on family holidays together.

Grandad Keyring personalised with Grandchildrens initials Our love story keyring
This is some of Claire’s gorgeous handcrafted and unique work, you can buy them here!

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