Baby Comfort Blankie

Using super soft baby yarn in gorgeous pastel colours, these little baby comfort blankies make a perfect companion for your little ones.  Ideal as a security blanket for your youngster to keep with them, or just as easily used as a blanket for their crib.

I currently have three blankies available to purchase immediately:-

Pale Blue:  16″ x 18″

Pale Pink:  16″ x 21″

Pale Mint Green:  18″ x 19″

You can order a bespoke version of the blanket in a colour and size to meet your own requirements.  The blankie is easily customisable for a boy or a girl.

The blankies are created with machine washable yarn, and I would suggest either hand-wash or machine wash at 30 degrees on a short cycle.

If you would like to customise your order, please drop me a message to discuss your exact requirements.

All items are hand-crocheted by me, and are created in order of receipt.

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Buy your Baby Comfort Blankie here. This makes a great gift for a new baby. Buy whilst stocks last.

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