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Bespoke Lanyard Charms – If we must show them our disability, lets do it in style! Show your personality not just your disability! Buy yours here!!

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Lanyard Charms

Bespoke Lanyard Charms were designed to make myself and my son feel better about now having to show our usually hidden disability.  Some people can proudly shout about their disabilities, and are not effected as much by the stares and comments.  For a lot of us though, advertising that we have a disability, admitting that we need an exception or a little help, is a very difficult thing! If we must do this (Especially with the face masks coming in now), then why not add a little bit of personality to the lanyards and our own personal style!

Lanyard not Included

Pick the charm! – We will do our up most of find the charm you want, if we don’t have it in stock already, we will try to find one for you.
Pick the colour! – The colouring is resin, dripped in with a tooth pick by hand.  The nylon tie then matches the colour.


Size of Bespoke Lanyard Charms

varies from keyring to keyring, depending on the design.  They are usually small though, no bigger than a couple of cm’s. See photo in comparison to the Lanyard for rough sizing.  If you want something bigger, please message me.

Please Note:

1. Due to colour calibration of individual screens, the colours in the photos may be slightly different and not 100% true to real life.
2. Resin is done by hand, so there can be small bubbles and runs.
3. Postage and packing is free however, delivery times may be longer because of covid19
4. If I have all items you want in stock, these will take a max of a week to dispatch.
5. If I need to order a particular charm or you want a colour I do not normally stock, this may take longer, but I will message to advise of time frame.
6. Lanyard NOT included. These particular ones can be bought from:

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A little about us.
As a rule, we do not advertise our disabilities or struggles – it is something that is quite hard for us.  I am beginning to understand though, that to stop the comments and stares we must talk more about these things, and help others understand
I was diagnosed with Autism (among other things) as a young teenager, I have also struggled with mental health problems since I was young, and developed Post Natal Depression after my second child. Life has been ups and downs, sometimes I struggle more than others.  I have not even managed to get a face mask on, as I have a panic attack and melt down at the thought.  It is very difficult, especially as people do not understand.  I have my lanyard now, but the fear of leaving the house and what others will think or say is very real, and I find myself confined inside worse than lockdown.
The man behind the scenes (my amazing husband) has Myasthenia Gravis and is in an electric wheelchair out of the house.  He sees both sides of things.  When he is in his wheelchair he is treated very differently to when he is not.
Our oldest son has ASD and SPD, he is not yet actually aware of his disabilities.  We call them his super powers, and have tried explaining it many times to him, but he is oblivious.
We hope as he grows up, the world will change more and become more accepting of the struggles we have doing normal everyday things, no matter the disability, no matter how visible or hidden!

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Multi-Coloured, Black

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