Bright Orange Wallet


Bright Orange Wallet is handmade from top quality duct tape. It has six card pockets for all your bank cards and store cards. They are very durable and water resistant. These are also vegan friendly as duct tape uses a rubber adhesive for strength.

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Bright Orange Wallet

Bright Orange Wallet is handmade from top quality duct tape. It has six card pockets for all your bank cards and store cards. They are very durable and water resistant. These are also vegan friendly as duct tape uses a rubber adhesive for strength.

Bright Orange Wallet is the perfect gift for any man. These can be done in different colours to suit you. These can be used as a thank you gift for a best man at a wedding or as a first wallet for your son so he doesn’t lose his cash and cards, or for fathers day. There are so many different uses for a wallet.

Bright Orange Wallet is approximately 22.5cm x 8.5cm when open and 11.5cm x 8.5cm when closed.

These wallets take around 14 days to create and despatch, if you need one sooner please contact me before making purchase so we can ensure we can meet your requirements.

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my attitude to life is to never give up my health does not define me it is just something i was dealt with it cant be changed but with a good mental attitude i can control it rather then it control me. i will carry on to inspire my daughter and show her never to give up on your dreams and that no matter what life throws at you there always away through things.

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