Bronze Focal Bead & Pearls


This Bronze Focal Bead Pearl Necklace is a stunning combination!

Freshwater Pearls and a Handmade Bronze Focal Bead made by Allie.

Designer Jewellery at Affordable prices! And

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Bronze Focal Bead & Pearl Necklace

This lovely Bronze Focal Bead & Pearl Necklace combines our own handmade textured Bronze Bead with three strands of Real Freshwater Pearls. It’s such a lovely combination!

Of course the handmade Bronze element, lovingly handmade by Allie, are what sets it apart and makes it so special.

It’s a one of a kind piece, as many of our designs are. This is because the Bronze elements are individually made by hand, so no two are exactly the same !

As we like to say… it’s designer jewellery at affordable prices !

The necklace measures approximately 50 cms and the Focal Bead is about 2.5 cm across x 2 cm deep.

This gorgeous Bronze Focal Bead & Pearl Necklace will be dispatched to you wrapped in acid free tissue paper, in one of our pillow boxes made of recycled card.

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Everything that we sell is designed and handmade by us using Recycled Metals. Therefore each item is totally unique! Please visit our Facebook and Instagram Pages to see Photos and videos of work in progress.

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How The Magic Happens!

There’s a wonderful range of colours in the Bronze Clays. They range from a silvery white to a colour that is almost copper. So as a result Allie often makes pieces that are multicoloured !

All the Bronzes oxidise naturally over time, so a little polish now and then will keep it shiny. Although a lot of people like the antique look this patina gives the metal. Mainly because the pieces appear to have been excavated from an ancient site.

Our Bronze and Silver items are made using Metal Clays. These consist of very fine, recycled, metal particles mixed with an organic binder, which results in a material that looks and behaves just like ordinary pottery clay.

However, when it is fired in a kiln, at temperatures exceeding 800 degrees Celsius, the binder burns away and the Metal Particles fuse together. This is a process called sintering and it causes a new piece of metal to form, in whatever shape we have sculpted or moulded it.  Like the bronze charms in this bracelet!

We think that It’s very much like Magic !

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