Buzzy Bee Counting Hive


Do you want a cute, and fun game to bee smart? Well this cute little hive will help your little one with their counting.

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Buzzy Bee Counting Hive

Buzzy Bee Counting Hive. Do you want a cute, and fun game to bee smart? Well this cute little hive will help your little one with their counting.

Get you little one to pick a honeycombs out of the hive, each one has its own number embroidered on it, they’ll then count out the same number of buzzy bees and it’s a easy as that. Once the fun’s done you’ll be able to fit all the honeycombs and bees back into the hive

You can choose your hive to be made in any colour, and even have their names added!

Counting hives are suitable for toddlers or older children I would not recommend these for small children. Sponge was only.

Each item made in HarveysToyShed is made, tested and marked to CE standards

Please note – never leave a small baby/child unattended with the any of our toys. As with all babies toys it should be used with adult supervision and checked before each use, and at the first sign of wear discontinue use.

Any questions please feel free to ask here


Beautiful handmade fabric dolls and cute soft toys All CE marked and made from designer fabrics Many more designs coming soon.

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Absolutely amazing service. The lady is so lovely, and easy to communicate with. She did exactly what I needed from her 



Beautifully made & super cute! Highly recommend this lovely lady :) I was kept fully informed of the order and delivery was very fast! Cannot wait to give Devon-Rose her trick or treat pal for her 1st Halloween :) Also loved the extra little gift. Thank you x

Updating to say my 2nd doll was ordered and delivered directly to my niece today, she was absolutely thrilled :) Thanks for another awesomely unique make Denise! I have received my first order of a handmade doll and Wow! She is so beautifully made and designed perfectly to the photo I provided.

The removable outfit is adorable too.I am impressed with the size, a proper cuddle-able size for a little girl to hold under arm. The updates and work in progress pics I received throughout the making time were brilliant for keeping me informed.Customer service and quality both need a 10 if I could give it!


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