Christmas Memorial Robin Candle


This large hand poured Soy Wax Christmas Memorial scented candle is highly scented with Christmas Berries and is the perfect scent for the lead up to Christmas day whilst remembering your loved ones.

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Christmas Memorial Robin Candle

This large hand poured Soy Wax candle is the perfect addition this Christmas to remember those we have loved and lost.

This candle has been hand poured with Soy Wax into a luxurious externally matt white candle jar and filled with the smell of scented Christmas Berries.

All candles can be personalised with the name of your choice.

The perfect sentimental, yet relaxing gift. A favourite for Christmas too. A unisex item full of meaning and a wonderful way to fragrance your home.

These prove popular for those who have recently lost a loved one. It’s a simple yet effective gift to ensure they know you are there for them and the fragrance is a perfect start to the lead up to Christmas Day. It throws a festive concoction of aromas that will really compliment each other, delightfully fruity notes of lemon head this stunning Christmas fragrance with the intoxicating allure of pine and a dash of spice, florals and Amber that complete the fragrance.

Top notes – Black current, Lemon Peel

Middle notes – Cyclamen, Fir Needle

Base note – Nutmeg, Plum

Size & Materials

Size Diameter 81mm Height 93mm.

The candle is made with 100% soy wax and the wax is hand poured into a luxurious external white candle jar with a wooden Mahogany lid.

We are 100% compliant and adhere to all the candle safety regulations and your candle will be labelled accordingly.

Shipping – Soy Wax Robin Memorial scented candle

We currently only ship to the UK at present, we are looking to go international though, so we will keep you posted.

From Us to You

We are a small business that prides our self in putting 100% and more into each and everyone of one of our items.

We are sure you will enjoy your candle but if there are any problems please get In touch.

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