Collapsible Fabric Campervan Thread Catcher MORE Colours


Collapsible Fabric Campervan Thread Catcher is perfect for when you are travelling, keep a pop-up bin in your pocket or in your sewing space.

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Collapsible Fabric Campervan Thread Catcher

I am offering for your consideration these delightful & useful Collapsible Fabric Campervan Thread Catcher

You have a choice of whether you would like an additional ribbon added. This will enable you to hang the Collapsible Fabric Campervan Thread Catcher hence making it more versatile. There is a ring of boning encased at the top & a padded circle inside the bottom. They are approx 4″ diameter & (when open) approx 4.5″ tall. The Collapsible Fabric Campervan Thread Catcher is available in a choice of 5 colours:

  1. Pale Blue
  2. Cream 
  3. Red
  4. Purple
  5. Mint
Not washable…

I love these Collapsible Fabric Campervan Thread Catcher It quickly opens up, allowing you to put any threads/fabric scraps right into it. Then when you’ve finished, simply push the threads down into the bottom of the cup, twist the cup & push the bottom up into the top rim – keep those threads at bay! They are versatile enough to be used on the go – it’s like having a pop-up bin in your pocket;  or in your sewing space.

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