Copper and Crystal Starter Set


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Copper and Crystal Starter Set

This is a beautifully wrapped Copper and Crystal Starter Set, that will help you take your meditation to the next level. Not only pretty to look at, but the pure copper wiring makes them very tactile. This is a great selection for beginners, or those looking for something a little different to the usual crystal sets.

Each Crystal is uniquely wrapped giving the set the delightful look of a pile of presents or Easter eggs.


Copper has been used since ancient times for its many healing and metaphysical properties. 

Whilst Crystals have also been utilised for their unique vibrational and healing abilities since time began. By drawing on each of these natural elements in a symbiotic relationship, we can maximise the potential of both. 

With Copper not only amplifying the effects of the crystals, it also helps channel positive energies whilst dispersing the negative ones.

Both Copper and Crystals (particularly those containing Copper or Iron) are good at shielding us from the negative effects of EMF, (Radiation from radio waves). 

Using them together maximises their effect, but what also increases their impact are the many coils and twists of copper within the Copper and Crystal Starter Set.


Known as the metal of the God, Hermes, Copper is said to stimulate the flow of energy enhancing psychic abilities and clearing  communications to other realms. 

Copper is known for its abilities in amplifying thoughts and keeping healing pathways open. Due to its conductive nature Copper will ground and transfer a wide array of vibrational frequencies which is why it works so well with Crystals and in particular this Copper and Crystal Starter Set.


Clear Quartz: Boosts other crystals and good for protection.

Amethyst: Assist healing, keeping balanced and is protective.

Rose Quartz: Healer for Heart and Love.

Red Jasper: Soothing, grounding and good for the aura.

Citrine: The Merchant Stone, known for attracting money and boosting intuition.

Yellow Jasper: Good for balancing emotions and helping with decision making.


Hi my name is Lolz. I live in, and work from my Campervan which offers me great freedom in life. I’m currently based in and around gorgeous Wales and enjoy spending a lot of time in nature with my pooch Dandy King Rolo. We both love being outdoors, exploring the woodlands, hills and valleys come rain or shine!  There’s nothing like a good romp through the mud to get creative ideas flowing, especially as  so much of my inspiration comes from nature. I like to find a fabulous spot to park up then get the kettle on, make myself comfortable and get making!

I stumbled across my talent for Copper Wiring quite by chance, when a wonderful friend gave me free reign on her crystal collection. The jewellery I craft is beautiful (even if I do say so myself) and fun to make, but my real joy is in the sculptures. 

All photos in the listings are an example of the work you will receive. Every order is uniquely crafted for each customer and their preferences. Though I will consider some items if you just ask…

I’m always more than happy to discuss ‘commitment free’ design ideas if you have a favourite animal or theme etc. 

Prices range from as little as £10 upto about £60 depending on complexity, so don’t be shy drop me a message at

You can also find me on FB at

SHIPPING – Copper and Crystal Starter Set

Bespoke designs will take 3 to 5 days for me to complete creating your order and are sent by courier.

All ‘off the shelf’ items will be sent, by courier, within 24hours of ordering. 

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