Deluxe wax melt giftset, a great collection of highly fragranced wax melts for you to enjoy

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Deluxe Wax Melt Giftset

Perfect deluxe wax melt giftset, comes with loads of different wax melt shapes.

All wax melts are handmade and handpoured from my house to yours. Made you House smell like home with Birdcage Creations

This is incredible value for money, You will save just over £3.00 buying all these items in this wonderful Giftset. These items would cost more, if you purchase these items individually.

Items included in your DELUXE WAX MELT GIFTSET

4 Wax Snap Bars

2 Large Diamond Hearts

2 Packs of Small Stars (4 in each pack)

8 Handmade soy Tea Lights

1 Large Presentation Box

Grey Ribbon and Bow

There are two options to choose from

  1. Pre-selected allotment- Which I choose the fragrances on your behalf. Please click on image photos for full fragrance list
  2. Custom Order- You choose your own scents from the fragrance list

All my wax melt packaging in fully biodegradable, recyclable.

All Wax Melts are Vegan Friendly.

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About Birdcage Creations

Make your house smell like a home.

Making Handmade Fragranced Luxury Wax Melts for your home to enjoy.
All Wax Melts have CLP information attached (legal requirement).
I fell in love with wax melts about 10 years ago, a friend introduced me.
I’ve been making Wax Melts for over a year now and I had my second child in September 2018. I decided to take the plunge and launch my own Business.
Thank you for your ongoing support. this means the world to me and my family.


Made to order, I’m currently quoting 7-10 days. Please note I do not ship at weekends.

You can contact me on my Facebook page on or email me on


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Pre-selected Fragrances, Custom Fragrances

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