Glass Art Deco Earrings

These fetching Glass Art Deco Earrings are upcycled from original art-deco buttons. They come in two sizes, of which this is the smaller at just 13mm. The are also available in cornflower blue. The relief pattern is typical of art-deco design. However they could be worn with any age or era of outfit as the style is universal. The larger size is 17mm. WE present these in high quality shoulder boxes and they are mounted on solid sterling silver, so they make a great gift. Especially for a bride in the spirit of something old and something new!

As part of a special offer we shall be giving away a pair of quirky wooden button earrings free with every purchase of our sterling silver vintage button studs. 


We offer free postage and packaging on all UK orders.

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Our Button Up! project is all about making beautiful jewellery from vintage buttons. Our styles range from fun retro mid-century styles to antique glass button designs. These are upcycled products and are therefore sustainable and make great gifts for any occasion.

In addition to our sterling sliver studs, we have a small and more affordable range of quirky button studs on stainless steel.

In addition to Button Up! we also make textile jewellery and accessories. These include hand-knitted rope necklaces and felt jewellery in a range of vibrant colours.

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