Highly scented Soy Wax Melt Hidden Gift box


Here are our surprise gift box wax melts! You will receive 12 wax melts approx between 18-25g  giving you at least 18 hours of gorgeous fragrance in your home! one of these melts will have a hidden gift inside! A Perfect for a gift for any wax lovers who also love the element of surprise or a treat yourself!

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Sold By: Rainbow Roses Handmade



These are our hidden gift Soy Wax Melts! They work just like our hidden gift candles, when the wax melts it will reveal a little package sealed and wrapped securely!

You will get 12 melts approx 10g each for the hearts and 25g for the chunky melts that is at over 18 hours of beautiful fragrance in your home! One of them will have a hidden gift inside for you!

You can cut the chunky melts in half but make sure u cut in centre as your little gift maybe inside!

When you see your little package just use some tweezers to safely retrieve it, rinse of the wax and open!

You can choose from our fruity range or designer perfume range! You can also choose who the gift is for so we can select the appropriate gift!


Strawberry Fizz

Cucumber, Ginger and Mint

Orange & Vanilla

Lemon Sherbet


Baby powder

Monkey Farts

Madam Coco

La Vie Est  Belle

A great little gift for any wax lovers who like the element of surprise! Or a perfect little gift for someone!


We are a small business called Rainbow Roses Handmade. This little business was inspired by my late Nana and is name in her loving memory after her and my daughter.

Everything is crafted with love and a personalised touch.

We also specialise in luxury wax melts and a range of different scents as well as gift sets, candles and room sprays.

We also have a ‘Mindful’ Candle collection as we believe it’s important to take time out and clear your mind and there is no better way to do that than with a relaxing fragrance in the background to help you relax.

We are 100% compliant and insured.


We use Soy Wax for all our products and are as echo friendly as we can be with our packaging and products and are animal cruelty free. If it doesn’t meet any of these requirements we don’t use them. We pride ourselves in doing our bit for the environment.


We currently only ship to the UK.

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Additional information

Fragrance and gift type

Fruity – for sister, Fruity – for myself, Fruity – for my Mum, Fruity for – my best friend, Fruity for – someone special, Mixed – For myself, Mixed – for my mum, Mixed – for someone special, Mixed- for sister, Mixed – for Best friend


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