Large Rainbow Dream Catcher


Large Rainbow Dream Catcher is a one off piece, buy it before someone else does.

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Large Rainbow Dream Catcher

Large Rainbow Dream Catcher is a beautiful and unique handmade wall hanging, perfect for any room.
MDF hand cut into a circle shape, and then wrapped in wool of every colour of the rainbow.  Each colour loops into a flower charm and back out to the edge (creating what my son calls a ‘Pizza Dream Catcher)! There are heart beads made of resin in matching colours.  And then one of each colour heart and a heart charm hanging from the final petal of the flower charm. The tassels have every colour, with white between them. Some of the colours are plain, and others have a glittery strand through them.

Size of Large Rainbow Dream Catcher

is approximately:
21″ / 55 cm wide and 39″ / 100 cm long (including tassels)

Please Note:

1. Due to colour calibration of individual screens, the colours in the photos may be slightly different and not 100% true to real life.
2. Measurements are done by hand, so please allow for minor discrepancies.
3. Postage and packing is free however, delivery times may be longer because of covid19
4. You will receive the exact dream catcher in the photos.

Dream catchers look beautiful anywhere, and make great talking pieces, especially at large sizes.  Some believe that they should be placed in the window, others believe they should be placed above the bed (whether hanging on the wall or from the ceiling).
The beliefs in the way dream catchers work vary too – some believe the bad dreams catch in the webs, while the good dreams slide down the tassels and into our minds –  with the first rays of the morning sun, the bad dreams disappear, leaving the web ready to catch more dreams the next night. Others believe that the bad dreams pass through the web, while the good dreams are caught and slide down into our minds.
There is also a large belief that dream catchers represent good energy and help to neutralise bad energy – whether you are awake or asleep.
Whatever your believe, the spider like creation will be a real standout piece.

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