These  metal  charm scissors have been converted into ear rings  with shepherds crook fastening. They have been made by the Old Grump as part of his steam punk range of jewellery.

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These metal scissor charms have been converted into ear rings with shepherds crook fastenings  . They have been made by the Old Grump as part of his steam punk range of jewellery. Anyone with  an interest in sewing or paper crafts would be happy to wear them. Studs and non  allergenic backs can be supplied at the same price.

As a size guide the boxes are 7 x 4.5cm

Charity support.

The funds raised by the sale of this item will used to raise funds to find a cure for Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood. If you would like to support this charity by buying or commissioning our work, or making a donation, then please get in touch. There is a donation button on the pinned post on our Facebook page

Please see my other items and read my story here

My story.

Many years ago during second world war, my Dad was serving with a regiment in Iceland. A group of the soldiers were lost in a snowstorm in the North of the country. An Icelandic family rescued Dad and they became firm friends. Sometime after he returned home I was born. In my teens I began a friendship with a girl from the family. She now has a grand daughter with a rare illness known as AHC for which there is as yet no cure.

I now sell my crafts to raise funds for the research into this illness. My husband, the Old Grump also helps . In a way I am paying back what they did for my family – after all without them I would not be here! Please help us to find a cure by buying our products.
You can find out more about AHC Here

Thank you for looking at our  charm scissors earrings.

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Dimensions 7 × 4.5 cm

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