Novelty Peppy Penguin Desk Buddy and Tool Tidy


Peppy the Perfectly Practical Pirate Penguin is here to help You!

Peppy with his beloved Verity. Will they ever find each other again?

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Novelty Peppy Penguin Desk Buddy and Tool Tidy

Peppy the Perfectly Practical Pirate Penguin is here to help You!!

This Novelty Peppy Penguin Desk Buddy Tidy is made from Black Duchess Satin Fabric & being a pirate he has to have skulls which are on the front of his body. A candy striped pocket across his front will happily hold your sewing tools, pens & pencils, crochet hooks, mobile phone, etc for you (he doesn’t even mind being a pin cushion). His open beak & feet are all made from felt whilst his eyes are made from white cotton fabric with tiny black buttons to add detail.

Peppy also wears a Bright Red Satin Bow Tie because he was going to a party with his beloved Verity before being press-ganged into the pirate clan. By the look on his face he is still in shock, bless him. This Novelty Peppy Penguin Desk Buddy And Tool Tidy measures a fine 8″ in height & 6.5″ in width. Peppy has been filled with dried rice to give him some weight & soft toy filling to make him cuddly too! He wants nothing more than to be loved & be a hardworking helper rather than ‘walk the plank’ .

Novelty Peppy Penguin Desk Buddy And Tool Tidy ditto:
“Peppy can de-clutter your space,
Keep your tools in one place &
Bring a smile to your face…
He’d like nothing more than to come home with you?”

Although each Original Pirate Desk Buddy And Tool Tidy is lovingly handmade this does mean that each one will be slightly different & totally unique. If you wish to have any part customised – maybe a different coloured patch or pocket, please let me know when you order – Thank you.

THIS IS NOT A TOY & is not intended for small children.

A Little Bit About Me:

My name is Angela & I am the founder, designer and producer of “Stitched-Up, creators of Gawjus Gifts”. I am Cornish, born & bred, & absolutely LOVE living here. I feel blessed to be surrounded by the countryside (perfect for walks & loosing oneself) & the ocean is close by too. Whilst I sit in my garden, surrounded by nature, that is when I feel most at peace and inspired. The majority of the time I work on my own, however, I have a munchkin (namely my partner) who does assist me by supplying an abundance of coffee & feeds me well…

A Few Notes:

⦁ The majority of my products have, at least, one item that is ‘Ready-to-Post’. However, once this has been sold they will ALL be ‘Made-To-Order’.
⦁ If you see a product that is ‘One-of-a-Kind (O.O.A.K.) once out of stock it will no longer be available; this also goes for any ‘End of the Line’ products.
⦁ I am more than happy to create Bespoke Creations just for you, feel free to contact me to discuss it. You can find my Facebook link below or email me at:

Post & Packaging: 

  • You need to know that I do my utmost to re-use/recycle packaging wherever possible. So please do not be surprised if the box & bubble-wrap that your items may be contained within have been used previously . Rest assured though that all of your items are personally wrapped in new cellophane (either bags/sheets) normally with tissue paper too where necessary.
  • ALL of my orders are sent via Tracked My Hermes Courier service. Although this service does cost a little more, I believe it is well worth the fee for some peace of mind & assurance that the parcels will get to you.

Thank you for taking to time to browse through the shop, hopefully you’ll find something(s) that you like.
Warmest Regards Angela…

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