Quick Guide to Crystal Properties


This is a free resource for you to download if you want to have more information on some of the gemstones (crystals) that I use in my jewellery.

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Quick Guide to Crystal Properties

This is a free resource for you to download if you want to have more information on some of the gemstones (crystals) that I use in my jewellery.  There are many properties to crystals and some may seem contradictory, this is because they can be used for many conditions and depends on what is needed. When selling jewellery I have to generalise a bit because I won’t have carried out a detailed consultation (which I would if you were my private client), but the great thing about crystals is that they tend to ‘know’ what is needed and you will probably have intuitively been guided to the ones that are best for you. Before they leave me they are infused with Reiki so you will also receive Universal healing.

This quick guide to crystal properties is not a fully comprehensive guide but is just to give you a quick reference.

Please read

All advice in this document is metaphysical in nature and does not replace medical advice or treatment from your doctor or hospital doctors, if you are ill then you should seek expert medical advice immediately.

If you are already under your doctor or hospital consultant care for a medical condition then please seek their advice before using any of the suggested metaphysical advice in this document.

The metaphysical advice given in this document is meant to be used as a support for any conditions that you have and does not replace expert medical advice.

The advice in this document is not meant for anyone who is under 18 years of age without adult supervision


I am a qualified Aromatherapist, Certified Crystal Healer and Reiki Practitioner (as well as a few more that I haven’t mentioned here) and a creative soul, so combining these skills means I have a lot of modalities to hand that can help people. I have a website which is more about my holistic side and I’m hoping that soon I can put more helpful (written) information about Aromatherapy and Crystals on there so it becomes a place to visit and get information. In the meantime I continue to craft and help people where I can, I am always happy to help so please use the ’email me here’ link below.
I hope others get the same amount of pleasure from the things I create as I get creating/making them, they are all made with love, joy and infused with Reiki before they leave me.
Crystal Blessings.


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