Rose Quartz Bookmark


These Gemstone bookmarks are silver coloured metal and decorated with gemstones as described, metal chain and metal charm. Contact me on this email for further information or a quote for bulk shipping

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Rose Quartz Bookmark

These Gemstone bookmarks are silver coloured metal and decorated with gemstones as described, metal chain and metal charm.

This Gemstone bookmark is Rose Quartz

The Gemstone Bookmarks are approx. 12cms in length

Rose Quartz – Metaphysical Properties

Chakra – Heart (our oneness with all things, with life itself)

Rose Quartz assists in opening and healing the heart chakra, encourages self-forgiveness, compassion and service to others and can help heal trauma, enhances positive intentions, helps draw off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes.

Best of all Rose Quartz helps to teach you to be compassionate and forgiving to yourself and to love your self unconditionally

All descriptions are Metaphysical in nature and not meant to replace medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner. If you are feeling unwell, suffering from an injury or medical condition then you must seek professional medical advice.

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I have always created, from as far back as I can remember, you probably did too, most children do, it’s one of the places where we learnt our dexterity skills. It was the one place we were allowed to dream and use our imaginations.
As we grow up, a lot of us stop creating as a form of art, for some other things become more important, for others their creativity is stifled by others, society. This is all similar to my story and although I occasionally picked it up and tried again, I soon learnt that others didn’t like it so I stopped but it’s always been there, the urge to write, to paint, to make things and I have at last allowed that side of me to do what it’s always wanted to do. I’m not saying I don’t struggle a bit with finding the time but I have learnt that it’s mainly me that stops myself, we all have time to do the things we want, it just means prioritising and not allowing others to judge our decisions (or not allowing their judgements/comments to affect us). So now I just get out into my crafty shed and create, forget the washing up for a few hours, it will be waiting for me when I am done with crafting.
I hope others get the same amount of pleasure from the things I create as I get creating/making them, they are all made with love and joy.
Crystal Blessings


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