Scrabble Coffee Set


Scrabble Coffee Set, A handmade Scrabble written and handpainted Mug Set comprising of a mug and a coaster. All mugs and coasters are made to order so there may be a delay in delivery as the painting and writing needs to harden before sending out. All orders are made to order and posted via courier.

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Scrabble Coffee Set

Scrabble  Coffee Set, A handmade Scrabble written and handpainted  Mug Set comprising of a mug and a coaster.

Scrabble Coffee Set consists of a mug  that has been hand painted and decorated with a slogan and a decoration , choose from the list below or personalise with your own words or letters. The mug is made from a standard ceramic material, hand decorated with a dishwasher glaze to protect the design. ( use in the top tray in the dishwasher or hand wash).

Scrabble Coffee Set, The mug comes with its own coaster, made from a wooden base and covered with wooden scrabble tiles to state the sentiment of your choice and finished with a cork bottom to stop slipping. You can choose from the words from the list below or personalize with your own words, however if using your own words ensure you meet the criteria for the coasters.  The coaster will only fit five letters on each of four rows, so it is imperative that you choose your words carefully to ensure they will fit. Every attempt will be made to make your order as individual as you are. Ensure you make clear your individual requirements when you place your order.

Choose from the following mugs:

1) But first coffee!
2) But first tea!
3) Initial – A – Z ( choose the letter required and make it clear that it is only the one letter required.)
4) Name – ( Your requested name – ensure name is written in capitals to be clear as no returns of personalized mugs).
5) Design – (choose design from – Butterfly, Teddy Bear, Duck, Cat, Elephant, (These designs are hand painted and will be a basic design).
6) Your own design/words – Make clear your requirements when you order.

Choose from the following coasters: – all coasters have four lines of five letters maximum!

A) All I want is a cuppa
B) Daves drink goes here – ( Add own name, 5 letters only!!)
C) Put your drink here
D) Mines white with sugar
E) Mines black with sugar
F) Mines white no sugar
G) Mines black no sugar
H) Your own words – Make clear your requirements when you order.

Scrabble Coffee Set is hand written and hand painted and every attempt will be made to ensure that your mug has all the details you request however, embellishments will be basic shapes as will any pattern requested. Be aware that although  I love making things and love crafting  i am not an artist, so i will decorate your mug as i would like it to look but this will be a crafters view of decoration. A mixture of stamps and free hand painting may be used to refine the shapes to support the decorative part of the mug.

The Scrabble coffee set is completed by a clear wrapping and set off with a ribbon bow. A perfect present for any time of the year, Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Teachers present, Grandparents gift, Fathers Day. Something that is both useable and unique.





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Teacher, Best teacher, But first coffee, But first tea, Own name, Own design, Letter(A-Z)


All I want is a cuppa, Mines white no sugar, mines black no sugar, Put my drink here, Name( five letters) drinks goes here, Own Words (5 letters x 4 rows)


Butterfly, Teddy Bear, Tree, Bees, Elephant, Own pattern, Own Design


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