Silver Garden Trellis Pendant


This Silver Garden Trellis Pendant would make a lovely gift for a nature lover or gardener! Or a treat for yourself!

Designer Jewellery at an Affordable price!

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This Silver Garden Trellis Pendant would make a lovely gift for a nature lover or gardener! Or a treat for yourself! Look closely…it also says GROW!

It’s made using a syringe technique, much like decorating a cake so a steady hand is needed for this!

The Silver Garden Trellis Pendant measures approx. 2.5 x 1.5 cm and weighs 3.3 gm so although it looks delicate, it is a very sturdy Piece of Pure Silver Jewellery!

Supplied on a 46 cm (18″) sterling silver chain, in one of our Earthgems gift boxes.

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Everything that we sell is designed and handmade by us using Recycled Metals. Therefore each item is totally unique! Please visit our Facebook and Instagram Pages to see Photos and videos of work in progress.

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We make all our Handmade Silver and Bronze Items using a material called Metal Clay. We love it as it consists of very fine, recycled metal particles that are mixed with an organic binder. Consequently, this makes a material that looks and feels much like pottery clay, so it can be used in much the same way!

First of all, after we have made the design, we air dry the clay and then it is fired in a kiln. However, to work properly this has to be at temperatures exceeding 800 degrees Celsius.  This causes the binder to burn away and the metal particles to fuse together.

The result is a new piece of metal in whatever shape we happen to have sculpted or moulded it. It almost seems to be magic!


Here in the UK, any piece of Silver, over a weight of 7.78 grams, has to be tested and Hallmarked by an official Assay Office to be sold legally. Therefore, we are registered with the Edinburgh Assay Office where all our heavier creations will be stamped with our personal Hallmark.

Sterling Silver is the most commonly seen form and is 925 parts silver in 1000. The rest being cooper, which is added to give the metal more strength. So, our chains, earring wires and other findings used on these pieces are sterling silver and purchased from UK companies.

However, our own handmade elements are of a purer quality, being .999 or .960 Silver.

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