Silver Seascape Spoon Pendant

Your beautiful seascape spoon pendant, will be made to order. Each one is handmade, and unique.
It will arrive in a presentation box, which makes it a great gift. It will also come with an 18 inch 925 sterling silver necklace. Styles may vary.

The seascape is made from cruelty free, vegan friendly, nontoxic resin. It also contains mica, sand, and seashells. The pendant is made from pre-loved silver plated spoons, which are cleaned, repurposed, and given a new lease of life.

Each pendant is handmade, and every care is taken to ensure it’s perfect. Great attention to detail is paid, but there may occasionally be very small imperfections, such as a tiny bubble.

Aftercare instructions will be included so that you can keep your pendant looking as good as new for years to come.

They can also have special items added for an additional cost. For example sand from a special place, or honeymoon. You could also have ashes added to create a piece of memorial jewellery. However, this would need to be discussed before ordering.

Because each item is made to order, it can take up to two weeks after your order has been placed, for the item to be dispatched. I want to make sure every piece is perfect, and only items I would be happy to pay for leave my workshop.
Delivery is free, and every item will be well packaged.

A little bit about me; I’ve always loved creating, whether it’s drawing, clay modelling or upcycling items. I believe my passion for creating is apparent in my work, particularly the attention to detail.

My items are often quite unique. I now create extra special pieces, such as breastmilk celebration rings, first curl Europeanstyle beads, and memorial jewellery.

You can also find Irregular Artistry on, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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