The Magic of Relaxation Eco Soy Wax Melts

The Magic of Relaxation Eco Soy Wax Melts are 5 Highly scented eco soy wax melts made with our special 100 % synergy blend of essential oils – lavender, ylang ylang, cleary sage and marjoram to help you feel totally relaxed and ready for anything they are perfect to use during meditation, having a soak or getting ready to go to bed.

Our wax melts are used within burners we do provided a selection over at our facebook page link can be found below.

About Us!

Hey everyone I’m dawn and we are a family run business which started 5 years ago when i was having my little boy and I was too ill to go to work. I wanted to do something that I loved and knew I could share with you all. We started off with just melts and the started getting requests for cards and glasses and they were greatly loved and appreciated so we added them to our vast range of products.

We love to make the rooms you live in be a calming and relaxing experience.

Our homes are the at the heart of our lives and we believe that our Scent Of A Room products will change your mood and make your days brighter and calmer.

We love working with bespoke products, so if you have anything that you would like us to source please contact me thought the “note to seller” option on my shop.

Other Products

I create a wide range of products here at The Scent of a Room. These include glitter glasses, handmade cards, mugs, bath bombs, wax melts and much much more. These are my other products that you maybe interested in here

I am also a part of the Madmin team and you can read more about us here and more about me here!

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