Tina’s Journey – Fraud Investigator To Crafter To Co-Director

Tina’s Journey From Fraud Investigator To Crafter To Co-Director

My Story

Way back in 1979 I began my career in the insurance industry and eventually I found my niche as an Internal Desktop Fraud Investigator. Then in 1998 I specialised as a desk top Insurance Fraud Investigator.

Seven years ago I married a wonderful man and I decided to design and create my own handmade wedding invitations and as a result I caught the crafting bug and Tia Crafts was born. I set up a Facebook Page but I had no knowledge of networking or how to grow my business and so the page stagnated until 2016 when I really began to pay attention. I joined Facebook craft groups and I began to understand the concept of networking and how its impact increases visibility and ultimately creates sales.

It was at this time that a little box popped up on Facebook suggesting groups that I maybe interested in and one of these was a group called Crafty Comments. I joined the group and just over a month later I became  a Madmin and I really built on my relationship with Chrissie Lowery. Less than 6 months later Chrissie approached me to discuss taking Heartizan forward to become a Magical Marketplace built by crafters for crafters. She then invited me to join forces and to take the project forward.

In October 2017 I fell very unwell and was admitted into hospital and following tests I was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. During my chemotherapy treatment I suffered with terrible congestion but not wanting to take anymore prescribed or over the counter medication I began to research natural options which I was then able to create and these helped me considerably.

I believe everything happens for a reason and in a eureka moment it dawned on me that my mission in life was to help alleviating symptoms of as many as I could suffering from chronic illnesses and mental health issues. I have developed a wide range of products all handmade using 100% natural ingredients and my own unique blends of essential oils. I discussed this product with my daughter Laura who is a Madmin and a crafter and we joined forces to created Pampered By Mini Me.

Please learn more about my products and my journey here