TRUTH with Newsy News.

I thought it was time for a bit of TRUTH with Newsy News. For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I say what I think. As you may have guessed, this isn’t always advisable but, hey what can I say, honesty is the best policy after all!

It begins…

I started my time here at Heartizan as a rather ‘mousy’ individual, the family who read this will laugh as they have always known the ‘newsy’ side of me, I just didn’t think the rest of the world was ready for me,  how very wrong I was.

So there I was trying to find something to do with my time, being told you can’t work is a complete kick in the proverbial knackers, especially when that’s all you want to do! I wanted to be creative and most of all I wanted to be part of something new. I learnt to bookfold (God bless, YouTube)- I created pattern after pattern out of unloved books, problem was I now had a shed load of patterns and nowt to do with them. On the plus side, my living room looked really creative, if not a little cluttered!

A friend of mine got in touch and told me about Heartizan, I soon signed up and I was off.

Too shy to say “hi”…

So there I was amongst all the crafters, all chatting away about their achievements and goals etc… there was me like “I got up today” not exactly fascinating stuff to the masses, so I kept my head down and my mouth shut and struggled along. The funny thing was, I didn’t bank on the attention you get, just from joining. Welcome posts go up, you get tagged in different bits and bobs and they share your stuff too – I really don’t have to talk now. WRONG!!

They all knew I was watching the lives, I’d comment on the catch up, so nobody could interact, I thought it was pretty genius to be honest, it kinda backfired a little though. Where I was commenting on the pages, I was drawing attention and they wanted to know why I was so quiet.

The truth was out…

It came tumbling out, I was afraid to go live! my confidence had been massively knocked from illness, I didn’t want to share that part of me, I mean… why should I?

Chrissie Lowery, (the lady who bought us the Magical Marketplace) wasn’t ready to accept that I had nothing to give. She tagged me in some of the challenges in the The Crafters Display, would I brave the LIVE for 5? Admittedly, it was just the one day, but it was enough. I dared to show my face on a camera for all in sundry to see and ya know what, it wasn’t half bad.

A couple more here and there but I struggled for topics, inspiration hit and Heartizan Headlines was born.

The ‘Headlines’… came about because I HATE talking about myself!  So, I mooched about the Marketplace and anything that took my fancy, I took a screen shot and with the Makers permission, I shouted about it. Turns out I have a bit of a flair for talking and now we go LIVE 5 times a week,

I leave you with this…

Heartizan didn’t ‘save my life’ it brought me ‘back to life’. I found a ‘family’ in the most unlikely of places.

I found a job when I was told I was ‘unfit for work’, I found a sounding board for ideas and problem solving and then I found ME!

Before I go, (I really am leaving you this time)a special thanks to Erica Jackson of Coffee Monkey Mugs. For the endless pep talks, the ‘stupid o’clock’ phone calls and making me Honourary Auntie, to that gorgeous little boy of Hers. Thank you for keeping me sane and thanks for helping me find my confidence when it had been lost for so very long.

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Thanks for reading The Truth with Newsy News, there will be more from me soon!

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