Writing The Heartizan Book

Writing the Heartizan Book is all about creative businesses and for the month of May our theme is all about Mindset and how we can remain positive even when life becomes a challenge. April has not been the best month for me, three more diagnoses and a bumpy business journey for my Cuddle Bed business. Trying to juggle two business, a team of amazing Madmins, two sons with special needs along with three other children and three grandsons can be quite a challenge!

I do however get a lot of inspiration and motivation from my children, my friends, my Madmins and my fabulous creatives, all of whom go through their own challenges and hard times. 

How hard can it be?

I have sat at my desk trying to write our book which will be launched at Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Festival and thought exactly this, how hard can it be! Oh my word it is incredibly  hard! I have had to really dig deep and try to process things that have happened to me and then write them down. I did a brain storm with a wonderful friend to sort out the chapters with a I used my photos on my phone to remember the business journey that I have had this far. 

However my why and the why of all the other stories that will make up this book is much, much harder! I am a sensitive soul (not that I show this very often) and I have found that I am re-living my demons and past difficulties along with sympathising with the other amazing people’s stories too.

Accountability – Writing The Heartizan Book

I do have an amazing team and one very lovely lady Dolly (Angela) has helped me collate the stories and will also keep me accountable, for which I am very grateful. I get easily distracted with Heartizan, being pulled here, there  and everywhere! I also cannot sit for too long at my desk as I have spine problems which are only going to get worse, so I need to get my mindset right too! Writing the Heartizan Book will be completed this month!


The Heartizan Book


In April we launched our crowdfunding campaign which was one big learning curve and a whole lot of work! My back became unbearable and I struggled to walk. I was trying to launch my new products for my Cuddle Bed business and also manage Heartizan but my mindset was not good, I was coming to terms with many issues and I have to admit, I felt like giving up on many occasions. I am not a quitter and I muddled through, I am actually very stubborn and I know that Heartizan is amazing and it is worth fighting for. I then received a call from London and Dragons Den wanted me to attend an audition for Cuddle Beds in a short few days!

I now had hope and a plan, an exit plan so I could finally work on one business and take that forward whilst my sensory items could be managed by my seamstress. I had very little time to prepare, my website was not up to date, my new products had not been launched but I am a person that just does things, I feel the fear and I don’t let it stop me. This mindset has taken me through my whole life and even though the outcomes aren’t alway what I had hoped for,  I still step into my power. I truly believe my power is being visible, bringing like minded people together and raise them up to feel powerful too so they can share their stories and become successful.

This was my second chance, I applied for Dragons Den whilst my business was in its infancy and was not even trading but I continued to apply. My second chance went so much better, I had a lot more confidence and I smashed the audition. However I still didn’t make it though, even after they phoned me several times and sent me many emails asking for more information. 

I had some wins in April too, I was featured in The Lady Magazine and some of my new products will be sold in Ireland, Wayfair and Robert Dyas.

What is Heartizan?

Heartizan is so much more than a marketplace, it is the heart and soul of an amazing community! The creatives of Hearitzan are incredible people and they truly are like family. We help each other, we learn togther and we support each other. My team who are too many now to name are tireless and are worth their weight in gold. 

So even though April was quite a bummer I am looking forward to May to see where that takes us, to write this book and share everyones stories as well as face some of my own demons.

Heartizan will continue to grow, to help others and bring together more amazing creative businesses. So for our May mindset I will share my struggles, challenges and how I keep going but most importantly I will continue to surround myself with amazing people who make amazing things!

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Have an amazing May and look out for our book in September!


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