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I am Davina, the owner and founder of Indigosky2Knit. I have been knitting since my eldest sister announced her first pregnancy when I was just 7 years old. I2K was first conceived as an idea while I knitted for my own first baby 24 years later. I knit and crochet all the things using natural fibres and blends. I create clothing for babies and toddlers and accessories for all the family. During 2019 I will launching online classes so you can learn to knit or crochet yourself.

Hi I’m Vicki from the West Midlands.  I work full-time as an NHS Administrator. I started my business 4 1/2 years ago as my then hobby was taking over my home.  I love to create beautiful jewellery using pretty glass beads and my latest love is using resin to create unique pendants.  I love what I do and helping ladies find something to match their outfits for weddings, parties or friendly gatherings, giving them confidence in the way they look and feel.

Meet Nancye, she is an amazing Artist and specialises in bespoke mixed media art. Her Heartizan shop can be found on our  Magical Marketplace, just click on nancye’s photo to be taken straight there!

Steph is the amazing owner of Baby and the Owl, she makes gorgeous handmade felt items that can also be customised too! Click on her image to take you straight to her Heartisan shop!

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The founder Chrissie Lowery launched her very first business and wished to sell her handmade products on several selling platforms. Heartizan was an idea formed after being rejected to sell on a well known marketplace.  Chrissie went on to create a networking community that brought together amazing women that joined her on the Heartizan journey.

Chrissie teamed up with another incredible lady Tina Ferris and the plans were then set. The Heartizan Madmin Team have the very best creative minds working alongside entrepreneurs that have made Heartizan what it is today.

In all our shops within our marketplace you can find unique and handmade items that are created by a crafter that has their own special  story too. Here at Heartizan we support each and every shop owner, helping everyone to make the magic happen.

Welcome to the magical world of Heartizan, a beautiful place where you can purchase the most special and amazing handmade gifts and items for your home.